International Building

What is IBA?

“Over the past century, International Building Exhibitions (IBAs) have become a renowned symbol of Germany's building culture, recognized worldwide for their experimental approach to urban and regional development. Originally focused on architecture's aesthetics and technology, IBAs have since expanded their scope to encompass social, economic, and environmental considerations, along with public participation and process quality. These exhibitions now address living environments, housing, and urban development, aiming to engage a broader audience with their content, organization, and presentation. IBAs have set new standards for planning authorities and freelance planners, while providing valuable inspiration for policymakers, businesses, and academia. Each IBA conducted to date has left a lasting impact beyond its specific time and location.”
(IBA Advisory Board at the BMI, 2017)

Why IBA Ukraine?

IBA Ukraine could provide a vital platform to respond to the urgent reconstruction needs in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Given the substantial infrastructure damage and critical service disruptions, a collaborative framework like IBA Ukraine could support development of existing initiatives and local stakeholders and co-creation of contextualized innovative solutions to these pressing issues. It would unite urban planners, architects, government entities, real estate developers, and local communities to jointly focus on rebuilding and revitalizing impacted areas. By potentially supporting existing and emerging best practices, advocating for sustainable design methods, and highlighting investment opportunities, IBA Ukraine could mobilize the necessary expertise and resources for successful urban development local initiatives. With its inclusive and participatory approach, IBA Ukraine could ensure that local community needs and perspectives are embedded in the planning and execution process, thereby guaranteeing that the projects yield enduring and positive outcomes for the communities they serve.

Who we are?

IBA Ukraine unites international experts and local stakeholders, united with the purpose of leading and stimulating the sustainable reconstruction of Ukrainian cities during and after the war. Our open platform is the fruit of collaboration and shared commitment to collective interests, prioritizing social good over personal or corporate profits. Our objectives are communicated collectively and actions are driven by joint decisions, reflecting our belief in the power of unified efforts. We represent a diverse and dedicated group, each contributing unique expertise and perspectives to our mission. Overall, IBA Ukraine embodies a strong alliance, channelling collective resources towards the goal of transforming Ukraine's urban landscape post-conflict.


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Download publication

The IBA Working Group

Following the ECAP 2022 conference, a working group was formed to include the conference session participants as well as additional experts.

The aim of this working group is to advocate for and support the preparation of an international building exhibition with the working title “IBA Ukraine” as a catalyst for sustainable post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

The working group currently includes the following architects and urban planners:

Anna Bondar (Kyiv)
Kees Christiaanse (Zurich)
Lidiia Chyzhevska (Zurich/Kyiv)
Benjamin Hossbach (Berlin)
Daniel Kiss (Basel)
Anna Kyrii (Kyiv)
Gyler Mydyti (Zurich)
Nataliia Mysak (Zurich/Kyiv)
Petr Navrát (Prague)
Haris Piplas (Zurich/Sarajevo)
Robert Youssef (Prague/Kyiv)


The IBA Ukraine Initiative is in the process of setting up its institutional framework. For the moment you can reach us at: info@iba-ukraine.org.

Who supports the idea to organise IBA Ukraine?

Floris Alkemade, Architect, Former State Architect of the Netherlands, St Oedenrode, The Netherlands
Marc Angélil, agps architecture, Los Angeles, USA
Oleksandr Anisimov, on behalf New Housing Policy NGO, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alejandro Aravena and the entire team of Elemental Architectos, Providencia, Chile
Wiel Arets, Wiel Arets Architects, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thomas Auer, TU Munich, Transsolar Stuttgart/Munich, Germany
Shigeru Ban, Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokio, Japan
Yaryna Bakhovska, COSMOS in, Lviv, Ukraine
Donald Bates, LAB Architecture, Melbourne, Australia
Louis Becker, Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stefan Behnisch, Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany
Jürgen Bruns Berentelg, emeritus CEO HafenCity Hamburg, Germany
Christine Binswanger, Herzog & de Meuron, Basle, Switzerland
Peter Bishop, Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London, UK
Xavier Blaringham, KCAP, Zurich, Switzerland
Stefano Boeri, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Milan, Italy
Micheal Braum, director of IBA Heidelberg, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany
Jürgen Bruns Berentelg, former CEO of Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany
Ricky Burdett, LSE Cities, London, UK
Marianne Burkhalter, burkhalter sumi, Zurich, Switzerland
Joan Busquets, GSD Harvard University, BAU, Barcelona, Spain
Julian Chaplinsky, AVR development, Lviv, Ukraine
Mykola Chepelev, National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Odesa, Ukraine
Bohdan Cherkes, Lviv Polythecnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine
Michael Cholod, Peer Social Foundation and the Peace Coalition, Vancouver/Kyiv, Canada/Ukraine
Jakub Cigler, Jakub Cigler Architekti, Prague, Czech Republic
Jo Coenen, Joe Coenen Architects & Urbanists, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tomáš Ctibor, 4ct s.r.o, Prague, Czech Republic
Xaveer De Geyter, XDGA, Brussels/Paris, Belgium/France
Doris Grondke, Counselor of the city of Kiel, Germany
Pierre de Meuron, Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Julien De Smedt, JDS Architects, Brussels/Copenhagen, Belgium/Denmark
Natalie De Vries, MVRD Architects, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Oleg Drozdov, Drozdov&Partners, Kharkiv School for Architecture, Ro3kvit, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Jakob Dunkl, querkraft architekten zt gmbh, Vienna, Austria
Frédéric Duvingage, Eurodistrict Trinational de Bâle, Village-Neuf, France
Werner Durth, Urban Sociologist, em Prof. TU Darmstadt, Germany
Barbara Ettinger-Brinckmann, ANP, Kassel, Germany
Kristin Feireiss and Hans-Jürgen Commerell, AEDES, Berlin, Germany
Christof Felger, David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, Germany
Stefan Gabi, SLR Consulting Limited, Frankfurt, Germany
Andreas Garkisch, TU Weimar, O3 Architects, Munich, Germany
Manuelle Gautrand, Manuelle Gautrand & Associés, Paris, France
Kaye Geipel, architecture critic, em. Chief Editor of Bauwelt, Berlin, Germany
Annette Gigon, Gigon Guyer Architekten, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Christophe Girot, em Prof. ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Undine Giseke, BGMR Landscape Architects, Member of IBA Heidelberg, Kuratorium Berlin, Germany
GIZ / Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine II, Ukraine/Germany
Tadej Glazar, Prof. University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sarah Graham, agps architecture, Zurich / Santa Ynez, Switzerland / USA
Mike Guyer, Gigon Guyer Architekten, Prof. ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Tigran Haas, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Balz Halter, CEO Halter AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Peter Head, Former partner Arup, Chair of Resilient Brokers, London, UK
Dirk Hebel. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
Florian Hertweck, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Andreas Hofer, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria
Francine Houben, Mecanoo, Delft, The Netherlands
Louisa Hutton, Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, Berlin, Germany
Serhii Ilchenko, Studiia Ilchenka, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Krzysztof Ingarden, Ingarden & Ewy, Kraków, Poland
Bjarke Ingels, BIG CPH, Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark
Petra Kahlfeldt, State Secretary for Building of the City of Berlin, Germany
Marian Kardash, on behalf Contest, Lviv, Ukraine
Jan Kasl, Česká komora architektů, Prague, Czech Republic
Regine Keller, Uniola Landscape Architects, Dean Architecture Department, TU Munich, Germany
Bernard Khoury, Bernard Khoury / Dw5, Beirut, Lebanon
Etan Kimmel, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Tel Aviv, Israel
Andreas Kleinau, CEO HafenCity Hamburg, Germany
Olga Kleytman, SBM Studio, NGO "Through the War", Kharkiv, Ukraine
Mattias Kohler, Gramazio-Kohler Research, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Michal Kohout, UNIT architekti, Prague, TU Prague, Czech Republic
Oleksandr Kolesnikov, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, JSC Nice-Project, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Oleksandr Korotkykh, Agency of Spatial Development, Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Nazar Kovalenko, on behalf of Municipal Enterprise "Institute of Urban Development", Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Kateryna Kozlova, Dnipro, Ukraine
Anouk Kuitenbrouwer, KCAP, Zurich, Switzerland
Vittorio Lampugnani, Baukontor Architekten, em Prof. ETH Zurich, Zurich/Milano, Switzerland/Italy
Dieter Läpple, HafenCity University Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Christopher Lee, Serie Architects, London, Singapore, Mumbai, UK/India/Singapore
Regine Leibinger, Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin, Germany
Hilde Leon, em Prof. TU Hannover, Leon Wohlhage Architekten, Berlin, Germany
Maria Lezzi, Director federal agency for spatial planning, Bern, Switzerland
Daniel + Nina Libeskind, Studio Libeskind, New York, USA
Regula Lüscher, former State Secretary for Building of the City of Berlin, Die Stadtmacherin, Winterthur/Berlin, Switzerland/Germany
Dominique Lyon, Dominique Lyon Architectes, Paris, France
Winy Maas, MVRDV Architects, TU Delft, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rainer Mahlamäki, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, Helsinki, Finland
Volkwin Marg, gmp Generalplanungsgesellschaft mbH, Aachen, Germany
Sebastian Marot, EPFL Lausanne, Paris, France
Ariella Masboungi, Ateliers Projets Urbaines, Ministry of Urbanism, Paris, France
Iryna Matsevko, Kharkiv School of Architecture, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Raul Mehrotra, architect, Dean Harvard GSD, Cambridge, USA
Philipp Meuser, Meuser Architekten GmbH/DOM publishers, Berlin, Germany
Philip Misselwitz, TU Berlin, founder of Bauhaus Earth, Berlin, Germany
Ludovica Molo, WE Architects Lugano, president of the Federation of Swiss Architects, Lugano, Switzerland
Elli Mosayebi, ETH Zurich, Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Romea Muryń, Locument, Ziemia, Vutbr FA, Warsaw/Porto, Poland/Portugal
Juergen Odszuck, Vice Mayor City of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Osamu Okamura, Technical University Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic
Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for Water Affairs, Dutch Government, The Hague, The Netherlands
Maria Pashenko, Pashenko Works, Kyiv/London/Brussels, Ukraine/UK/Belgium
Carme Pigem, RCR Arquitectes, Olot, Spain
Dmytro Reifschneider + Olena Dzhula-Reifschneider, Reifschneider Bureau, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
Martin Rein-Cano, Topotek 1 Landscape Architects, Berlin, Germany
Ian Ritchie, Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd, London, UK
Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, New York, USA
Matthias Sauerbruch, Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, Berlin, Germany
Ruth Schagemann, Vice Versa Architects, Stuttgart, president of Architects Council of Europe (ACE), Germany
Gerhard Schmitt, em Prof. ETH Zurich, em director Future Cities Lab Singapore, Zurich/Singapore, Switzerland/Singapore
Ute Maria Schneider, KCAP, Zurich, Switzerland
Alexander Shevchenko, ReStart Ukraine NGO, Kyiv, Ukraine
Valentina Shulimborska, Architect, coordinator of Ro3kvit, Kyiv, Ukraine
Walter Siebel, em Prof. Urban Sociology University of Oldenburg, Germany
Brinda Somaya, Somaya & Kalappa Consultants, Mumbai, India
Dmyro Sorokevych + Kris Badzyan, replus bureau, Lviv, Ukraine
Laurent Stalder, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ludek Sykora, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Georgeen Theodoor, NJIT Newark, partner Interboro, New York, USA
Hubert Trammer, member of the New European Bauhaus Round Table, Warsaw/Lubin, Poland
Kristina Ullmanova, Prague Institute of Planning and Development, Prague, Czech Republic
Jakob van Rijs, TU Berlin, MVRDV, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki, Finland
Stepan Valouch, OVA - opočenský valouch architekti, Prague, Czech Republic
Francesco Veenstra, State Architect of the Netherlands, The Hague, The Netherlands
Els and Derman Verbakel Architects, Tel Aviv, Head Architecture Faculty Belazel University, Jerusalem, Israel
Ivan Verbytskyi, on behalf of CEDOS Think Tank, Kyiv, Ukraine
Paola Vigano, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, Studio 023, Milan, Italy
Jörn Walter, former City Architect of Hamburg, Germany
Ariane Widmer, Cantonal Planning Director Geneva, Switzerland
Riken Yamamoto, Riken Yamamoto, Yokohama City, Japan